On the net Relationship Investigation: Studies, Frauds, Advantages and Negative aspects

Sexuality in its simplest definition; It is the art of giving and taking pleasure by focusing on the pleasure of making love and touching, being able to unite spiritually and physically, and being able to ejaculate in any way. Just as it is necessary to avoid stereotypes and taboos when it comes to art, the art of sexuality is unique, it carries the fingerprint of its artist. There are no stereotypes and proven practices of good sex. In this respect, when a man who has made love with the same woman many times, his knowledge of his sexuality increased when he broke up with that woman, but his experience of sexuality was reset. A woman who has given multiple blowjobs to a single man is a re-oral sex novice when she is with another man. In this respect, there is no ready-made prescription for therapists about how to have good sex. Love, emotional bonding, comfort, the right environment, the right time, the right person … as long as the minimum requirements for sexuality to be a good experience are met, every couple can discover how to have perfect sex with each other. Since it won’t be possible to provide a ready-made recipe for every couple, I plan to provide a roadmap on how couples can complete their perfect sex journey on their own. Let’s look at the tips for perfect lovemaking:

Touch each other whenever you are together, without limiting sexuality to the bed. When you see your partner cooking, go and kiss his butt, arms, breasts, back, penis … Don’t end up with lovemaking every time you touch it, touch it a lot and some of them end in lovemaking.

Try not to see sex or sexuality as mere sexual intercourse, you don’t have to ejaculate every time you get wet, and go inside your partner every time you get hard. Sometimes you have to learn how to make love and keep it alive, and to experience the unbearable pleasure of making love, even if your partner wants it. To give a number, if one of every 7 lovings ends with sexual intercourse, it is healthy and sufficient.

Most people can expect their partner to know and apply that right thing, as if there was only one right thing to do. The expectation of “let him understand what I want before I say it” sees couples as a test that must be passed by preventing them from enjoying sexuality, and this can be challenging for both parties. The fact that the first sexual intercourse is very successful and the subjects that will be revealed in the exam are not explained by the teacher can cause performance concerns on both sides and the failure that comes with it. For this reason, he talks a lot about sexuality in bed or outside of the bed, explaining his pleasures and guiding each other, increasing sexual harmony and starting to pave the way for perfect sex.

Sometimes people may think that getting things by talking will miss its spell and hinder the pleasure it gets. Fortunately, we don’t need to use meaningful sentences to convey sexual messages to our partners. Reactions such as body movements, moans, clenching pillows, clenching teeth, yelling, accelerated breathing … can also give the other person the message “OK, you are doing well, you found the right one, continue”. No matter how talked about, couples should never stop talking about their own sexuality before, during and after sexual intercourse.

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